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Sport Injury Recovery

How to Recover from a Sports Injury

Ninety percent of student-athletes report having had some kind of sports-related injury. Sports injuries can be frustratingly sustained during a competition or during practice. However, many students will continue playing the damage because they miss the game or want to be good team players. Although, continuing to exercise on an injury can worsen the injury. Our chiropractors at Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab in Puyallup, WA, have come up with some helpful tips for recovery after a sports injury.


At-Home Care

Start at-home care as soon as possible, and the old acronym RICE is a great start. These steps are included below:

  • Rest - If you receive an injury, exercise less and minimize the weight put on the damage.
  • Ice - After the first step, ice the injury with an ice pack or a pack of frozen peas wrapped in a towel to reduce swelling.
  • Compress - The second to last step is to wrap the injured area using an elastic bandage during the day to assist the healing process.
  • Elevate - Finally, the last step for an injury area is to raise it above the heart whenever possible to help reduce swelling.

While at-home care can be effective, seeing a sports chiropractor for a more comprehensive sports injury treatment plan is a good idea.

Take a Break

Fifty-four percent of student-athletes report continuing to play after being injured. While getting back out once the injury seems partially healed can be tempting, it can prolong the time you are injured. Taking the time to rest and let your injury heal is critical to curing fully and preventing further injury. If you are eager to return to your sport, talking to a sports chiropractor can help you find the most effective treatment plan.

See a Sports Chiropractor

A sports chiropractor can be an integral part of an athlete's recovery from an injury. A sports chiropractor can treat sports injuries by adjusting the musculoskeletal system and developing an ongoing sports injury treatment plan. Additionally, a sports chiropractor can help prevent further sports injuries by assisting an athlete in working to improve their strength and flexibility. Athletics is a team effort; having a sports chiropractor on your team can be the key to recovering faster and preventing future injury.

Contact Ranier Sports & Spinal Rehab for Effective Sports Injury Treatment and Preventative Care

At Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab in Puyallup, WA, our chiropractors provide excellent sports injury treatment and can help prevent further injury. If you are interested in adding a sports chiropractor to your team, we can help. For more information on sports injury treatment or to schedule an appointment, call (253) 445-0440