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Kinesio Sports Taping

Kinesiology Tape with Our Puyallup Sports Chiropractor

Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab works with many athletes, weekend warriors, runners, adult athletes, and adventurists to heal sports injuries. Our chiropractic services not only heal sports injuries but also prepare the body to perform better and avoid future workout injuries. Our Puyallup chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Earle, wants you to perform at your best and also to heal quickly if you have incurred an injury. After a complete evaluation of your condition, Dr. Earle determines which of our natural services will speed your recovery time and return you to your active lifestyle. Along with gentle chiropractic adjustments, one of the services we provide is Kinesiology tape. If you are searching for natural healing in the Puyallup area, we invite you to Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab to learn more about our Kinesiology tape services.

Kinesiology tape at our Puyallup chiropractic clinic

Benefits of Kinesiology Tape for Sports Injuries

Kinesiology tape is a flexible and sticky tape that is applied in a certain pattern around your injured area. For example, if you are struggling with a sprained ankle, Dr. Earle sets the strips of tape to support the joint while also allowing for natural movement. Kinesiology tape stretches which allows your mobility, but it is also tight to support injured muscles and joints. The tape naturally increases blood flow to the area due to the compression and tension on the skin. This increase in circulation helps to eliminate inflammation by removing toxins from the injured area. It also brings in healing nutrients that cells need to repair the damaged tissues. Another way Kinesiology tape achieves this reduced inflammation is through a lifting of the skin. The tape elevates the skin away from the injured muscle or joint which allows for an increased space for swelling to recede. The tape can be worn for approximately three days and you can also get it wet so you are able to swim or shower as needed. Dr. Earle monitors your progress and reapplies the tape when required until your injury and pain have reduced.

When your injury is supported with Kinesiology tape, you experience fewer symptoms. Your pain decreases, swelling and inflammation disappear and you feel a restored mobility. All of this occurs without the use of pain-relieving medications. Kinesiology tape is a natural way to heal from a sports injury or other personal injury. You do not have to be an athlete to use Kinesiology tape. It also helps reduce symptoms from conditions such as fibromyalgia or from injuries such as a slip and fall or overuse.

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Do not let pain or an injury stop your daily progress. If you are experiencing pain from an injury or chronic condition, Dr. Earle may use Kinesiology tape to restore your body to health. This natural service pairs with our other services such as chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy and massage to restore you to your best self. To learn more or to schedule your evaluation, please contact us today at (253) 445-0440.