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Cupping with our Puyallup Chiropractor

Ancient Chinese medicine is based on the idea that the life force of the body needs to flow easily along specific pathways in order for there to be good health. When this flow is disrupted, congested, or even sped up, health problems result. Therefore, its goal is to restore the proper flow of life energy.

One of its most well-known treatments, acupuncture, uses special needles to open up these pathways and restore balance. This technique is thousands of years old, and is still in use today. Some patients, however, cannot tolerate the thought of being stuck with needles or can't handle the sensations. What can be done for them?

Cupping – A Needle-Free Solution

Today's doctors aren't the only ones who needed to treat patients who, for one reason or another, did not want to undergo acupuncture. Cupping, which uses suction to draw blood and life energy to the right places, has been around for eons. Most forms of it do not involve any sort of skin penetration, so it's perfect for the needle-shy.

How Does Cupping Work?

First, the patient is evaluated to determine which areas need attention. Then, special cups are placed upside-down on the skin. They are then heated, usually with some source of flame. This causes the air inside the cups to expand. It also warms the skin. Once the cups are warm enough, the flame is turned off and the cups are allowed to cool. As they do, the air in them contracts and causes suction. This suction draws blood to the areas underneath the cups.

In modern practice, doctors may choose placements according to newer protocols than those of ancient Chinese medicine, though some still use the old schemas. If you want to know which format will be used, just ask your chiropractor in Puyallup before your treatment starts.

Does the Flame Used to Heat the Cups Touch the Skin?

It should not come into direct contact with the skin. In fact, with some forms of cups, a piece of protective fabric is used to make absolutely sure that you don't get scorched. You should feel plenty of warmth, but no burning with this process.

Is Cupping a Stand-Alone Treatment?

Cupping may be used on its own but like acupuncture, it is often combined with other treatments to improve results. At chiropractic offices, it may accompany chiropractic treatment to bring about better circulation and faster healing.

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