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Lower Back Pain Treatment After Auto Accident

According to data from the Insurance Information Institute, there are over 6.5 million car accidents each year in the United States alone. No matter how minor or serious, auto accidents can be terrifying and cause a great deal of disruption in a person's life. There's insurance to deal with, you may find yourself having to take time off work or needing a new car, and you may experience pain or injuries. Even low-impact accidents can cause significant physical trauma.


Lower back pain after an accident can be especially debilitating. Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab in Puyallup, WA, commonly treats these types of injuries and knows the importance of addressing them sooner rather than later — before minor aches become major issues.

Types of lower back pain after an accident

The spinal cord is complex, made up of vertebrae surrounded by muscles, tendons, nerves, and discs. Any of those components can become injured and cause pain.

  • Lumbar spine injuries - The five largest vertebrae in the body are in the lower section, or lumbar, of the spine and injuries in this area are especially problematic. Lumbar issues after an accident can include tenderness, swelling, or bruising, all of which can limit your movement and prevent you from carrying out your normal daily activities.
  • Herniated discs - The soft cushioning between vertebrae can become misaligned as a result of a car accident. Even a fractional movement can put pressure on or pinch the spinal cord or nerves, causing debilitating pain.

How lower back pain is diagnosed

If you're experiencing even minor lower back pain after an accident, it's critical to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. That can be a symptom of a much more serious issue and should not be ignored. It's also important to note that sometimes back pain does not present until several days or even weeks later. At Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab, our chiropractors will determine the severity of your injuries using a variety of methods including physical exam, x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. Once diagnosed, treatment can begin. 

Lower back pain treatment at Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab

Many back injuries can be treated with non-invasive chiropractic care. Our practice focuses on holistic treatments that address and correct the underlying issue, rather than just alleviate the pain. We use methods including massage, Active Release Technique (ART), spinal adjustments, corrective exercises, and much more. 

If you've recently been in an auto accident, don't wait until your pain is excruciating to come in. Give us a call at (253) 445-0440 or contact us today to schedule an appointment at our Puyallup office. We look forward to meeting you.