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Soft Tissue Injuries

How a Chiropractor Helps You Deal with Soft Tissue Injuries

A soft tissue injury can occur from daily activity. It can also happen while we are exercising, working around the house, at our place of employment, or while we are playing or involved in sports activity. Even though the cause may have been ordinary, the pain and loss of mobility affects our daily activity. The fine care you will receive at Rainer Sports and Spinal Rehab in Puyallup, WA, will get you back on track in a timely manner.


Which Types of Injuries Are Considered to be Soft Tissue Injuries?

Four different types of tissues are considered to be soft tissues:

  1. Muscles
  2. Tendons
  3. Ligaments
  4. Nerves

Damage to one of these four is considered to be a soft tissue injury. Have you ever sprained your ankle? That is a soft tissue injury. A torn muscle would also be considered a soft tissue injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is even in this category.

What Are Some Common Causes of Soft Tissue Injuries?

Some soft tissue injuries are caused by sudden trauma. You are running down the soccer field and trip and fall, twisting your ankle. You are doing some heavy lifting around your home and you strain a muscle in your back. You are walking at work, and someone left something in a walkway. You trip and fall, causing your muscles or limbs to overextend. You can also get a soft tissue injury by falling objects. Soft tissue injuries can happen anytime and anywhere.

Another category of soft tissue injury comes from repetitive motion. On a daily basis at work, your hands, arms, and back are performing the same action over and over. You enjoy running daily and tear a calf muscle. Constantly playing sports like tennis and golf will cause a repetitive motion soft tissue injury. 

How Chiropractic Care Aids the Healing of Your Soft Tissue Injury

After an injury event, you should use ice packs and elevate the affected area to decrease swelling. Use any necessary bandaging and get rest. If, after a couple of days, you cannot move normally, or the pain and swelling continue, you should see a doctor. They will evaluate the extent of your injury and make recommendations for recovery.

To help with the healing process of a soft tissue injury, your chiropractic doctor has several treatment methods at his disposal. Physiotherapy is one comprehensive method. Physiotherapy incorporates massage therapy, heat treatments, and flexibility and strength-building exercises.  

Electrotherapy can be used to help your muscles relax and provide stimulation for motion enhancement. It can also help increase blood circulation and protect your muscles from atrophy due to a lack of use. 

Chiropractic Care Is Indispensable in Treating Soft Tissue Injuries

Pain killers and muscle relaxers only treat symptoms, not the cause of the symptoms. Quality chiropractic care helps your injury to heal well while helping to restore your motion and flexibility. The care you will receive at Rainier Sports and Spinal Rehab in Puyallup, WA, will enhance the quality of your recovery. Make an appointment with us today by calling (253) 445-0440. New patients receive a free consultation.