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Knee Pain

Knee Pain Treatment Options

If you suffer from knee pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Every step hurts, and you may even find that you need a cane or walker to be able to get anywhere. Worse yet, the knee may keep hurting even if you're sitting or lying down. Even if this pain isn't excruciating, it's constantly wearing on you. It goes without saying that you will want an effective treatment for this condition. Fortunately, there are a few ways to treat knee pain. Here are some of the top ones:

Woman with knee pain needs chiropractic care.

See Our Sports Chiropractor

Dr. Earle, our sports chiropractor in Puyallup, treats injuries to the extremities as well as spinal conditions. Treatment for knee pain often involves the manipulation of the bones of the knee, massage to loosen up the ligaments and tendons, and massage of the muscles to reduce pain and help stop them from pulling the bones back into abnormal positions.

In some cases, the problem may turn out to originate in the spinal column. One well-known cause of such pain is sciatica, which is the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs the entire length of each leg, so if it is inflamed at the spine, it can hurt anywhere from that point downward. If this turns out to be the problem, treatment will center on the lower back instead of the knee.

Take Painkillers

Analgesic drugs can bring fast pain relief, but all of them have side-effects. NSAIDs like aspirin are hard on the stomach, can cause problems with major organs, and eventually stop working. Stronger ones, especially narcotics, have these problems and add the high risk of addiction to the picture. Therefore, those who are aware of the drawbacks want to avoid the use of drugs for long-term knee pain relief.


Many people who seek chiropractic treatment are hoping to avoid or at least postpone the surgical path. This is, in part, because surgery is a commonly-feared prospect. It can cause infection and blood loss, the anesthesia carries some risk, and mistakes can be made. With knees, in particular, there is also the prospect of a fairly high failure rate. When failure happens, the knee keeps hurting or even gets worse.

Contact Our Local Puyallup Sports Chiropractor Today!

When the drawbacks of the other options are considered, it makes sense to visit a chiropractor in Puyallup, WA first. Here at Rainier Sports & Spinal Rehab, we are able to properly diagnose the cause of your knee pain and develop an effective treatment plan. Just call us at (253) 445-0440 to make an appointment with Dr. Earle or another one of our chiropractors. We'll get you started on your recovery right away.