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Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Come See a Sports Chiropractor in Puyallup for Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Are you a runner? Participate in marathons, half marathons, fun runs, mud runs, and other events that require running? Maybe you are a competitive runner who is looking to shave some time off your personal record? Maybe you are an avid hiker that enjoys the challenge of a difficult hike. No matter
what level of event you train for, the joy and satisfaction of competition is what drives you. Unfortunately, we also know how common it is for runners to suffer from pain in their hips, legs, and knees. One of the most common conditions is Iliotibial Band Syndrome, which can cause significant pain in the knee and make running painfully – or even impossible.

Iliotibial band syndrome treatment from your chiropractor in puyallup

Are you wondering whether or not you need to see a sports chiropractor in Puyallup due to ongoing pain in your knee or leg? Perhaps you do, especially if you’re suffering from Iliotibial Band Syndrome, which is a painful and often debilitating condition. If you have noticed the symptoms of Iliotibial Band Syndrome, which involves pain when bending the knee, running on hills or even bending it at a 45-degree angle, it’s time to see a sports chiropractor in Puyallup.

What Is IT Band Syndrome?

The iliotibial band is a ligament that runs down the outside of your leg. It originates in the hip and runs all the way down to the shin, passing the knee on the way. The band stretches tight to the bone when it passes over the knee, so repeated motion may aggravate it and cause IT Band Syndrome, which is when this ligament gets strained or injured is.

This results from the repeated inward turning of the leg over time, and as such can happen for any number of reasons. However, the most common of these include always running the same direction on a track (which are often graded), running downhill or running on banked surfaces. If you want to heal IT Band Syndrome and avoid recurrences, it’s time to see a sports chiropractor.

How Can Rainier Sports & Spinal Rehab Help You?

At Rainier Sports & Spinal Rehab, we routinely help our patients with their injuries and educate them on preventing new ones. Our approach is a holistic one in which includes non-invasive treatment. We use manual therapies, taping, soft tissue techniques, spinal biomechanics, functional movement training, corrective exercises, and spinal adjustments. Our goal is to get your body mechanics functioning properly so you can avoid future injuries. We look forward to helping you get back to running pain-free!

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