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Discs are the strong ligamentous pads between each vertebrae that protect your spinal column as you move. Their function is to hold the vertebrae apart and also hold them together.

Different disc disorders contribute to back pain:

Slipped Disc- Discs can't really "slip," they are firmly attached to the vertebrae on each side. They can, however, because of vertebral misaglignment or repeated stress bulge and become wedged between vertebrae. The bulge presses on the surrounding nerves or spinal cord and causes pain. Although rare, discs can rupture. This is usually caused by a tremendous trauma or a pathological weakness in the area. Chiropractic care can correct the spinal misalignment around the problem area and help return the disc to its normal function.

Disc Degeneration- Almost everyone over forty shows evidence of disc degeneration. The discs begin to thin due to age, a prior injury, or genetic factors. Once a disc begins to degenerate, the joints can't move properly and often become pinched. This is called "impingement." The impingement is the cause of the pain, not the disc itself. Chiropractic care can be effective in releving pain associated with impingement.